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How to make Uni go smoother.

How to make Uni go smoother.

Unless you’re a cynical taxi driver or a Baby Boomer with no soul it is no surprise to you that students in 2018 also have a hard time and that being a student is not the bed of roses that some people seem to think it is. 

Yes students might have a reputation for partying but if we stop to think about it who doesn’t when they are young, does it somehow become more annoying when a student is out on a Saturday night , then when 20 something retail workers or accountants are out? Or as I have expected all along , is using the blanket term students really a cover for criticising generations or perspectives you don’t really understand?

Given all this Ive made a list to try to make student life a little easier, for if life is even just a bit easier every day or you are slightly more prepared it can make all the difference. 


1 . Dont just buy a USB 

We are told consistently to back up, whether we are told every lesson or once a year it is more likely than not that you will experience the pain and sorrow not backing up correctly causes – I know i certainly have. So prepare in advance to avoid the pain and buy not one but two USBs, leave the second one at home and back up your main USB on this every month. 

Even better invest in extra online storage with ICloud or Dropbox storage for a reasonable price and get to grips with updating these too, never letting your payments fail. 

Heed My Warning. 



Buy USBs – W H Smith


2. Get a grips with Where,What and Why?

There is so much info to take in when starting Uni and no matter what you do to prepare there always seems something you have forgotten, I know – its frustrating. You will find yourself dealing with stressful situations and having vital information ready and easy to access is always going to help. 

To keep you steady no matter what save these numbers into your phone and tell your friends to do the same...

  • The nearest Walk Ins / A&Es Departments
  • Non Emergency Police / Doctors 
  • University numbers including :- Faculty, Admin, Emergency Services and Libraries ( when you’re panicing about something technical not working near to deadline, those minutes on hold trying to get to the correct department to fix your inevitable problems can save lives and even grades). 


3. Things To Invest Money Into that aren’t obvious.

  • Good Coffee – for the morning afters and all nighters, belive me If your coffee is half decent and not beyond vile,it will make shovelling it down a lot easier,therefore keeping you awake for longer.


  • A strong and supportive backpack – it might not be the most fashionable thing but do you want to have a bad back in years to come because of embarrassment in front of people who most who you’ll never see again ? I have a backpack that can fit an A3 sketchbook in , people say I look like a Year 7 who has just started High School but ya know what I own it. Who Cares.


  • An illness package – So your used to living with family members or guardians and you have moved out by yourself or with a friend and you are probably having the time of your life, you’re not even considering being ill and what happens when the germs hit and no one is there to run you a bath or refill your hot water bottle but whether you like it or not its going to happen and no matter how close you are there aren’t many friends who are going to run out and get you Lemsips at 1am, that level of care is from immediate family only. Because of this sad fact i advise building an illness package and keeping it under your bed for a rainy day or at least the day after you have been rained on and are now coughing like a …like a … like a thing that coughs. 

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