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September Beauty Wishlist.

September Beauty Wishlist.

Ive always been a lover of shopping, in fact ive always loved it too much. It seems that everyday a new beauty product is thrust upon me and advertised towards me ‘Personally’ but short of spending all my money Student Loans included, I can like normal people afford a couple of luxaries a month. So here is my wishlist for this month, September, the month of students, the month of reality, the month of accepting winter and preparing for the storm that is the beggining of the end… of the year.



£38.00 – 35ml 

View Here

Hair Mist Chanel Coco Mademoiselle

We all need a bit of chanel in our lives, we treat ourselves by splurging on blushers, lipsticks and setting powders and ask for iconic perfumes for special occassions but what about a different kind of perfume ? a hair perfume. it may be a product by one of the world’s most famous brands but this hair perfume doesnt spring to mind when you think of your next chanel perfume. Claiming to soften the hair whilst increasing shine, this product promotes your shampoo smelling hair into a Chanel wonderland.



View Here

Eye Gloss Glossy Eye YSL Makeup

I have always wanted to recreate a gloss eye look since seeing it in Autumnel editorials a few year ago, the look seemed so dramatic yet simple within itself. I never knew what lipgloss was safe to use of the eye and was confused about the correct texture to buy, if anyone else has found these problems then be prepared for this, YSL have released a specific eye gloss product, so now there is nothign stopping us from creating eye gloss looks all day and all night.

Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe Cucumber And Green Tea

£11.00 – 236ml

View HereSkincare Mario Badescu Green Tea

Facial sprays and mists may make you think of summer so it may be a suprising attidition to my September Beauty Wishlist but winter can have even more reasons for us to rehydrate our faces, indoor heating, icy cold tempurtures, student stress and winter makeup.Each ingredient has different qualities that help.

Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner

£14.50 – 0.4g

View HereEyeliner Stila Blue Beauty

Im a big lover of liquid eyeliner pens , esspecially ones with precise and easy to use tips. To spice things up i defiently want to invest in some different colours, adding an edge to any make up look and is just as quick as using the regualr black. I already have Stilas black liquid eyeliner, but their blue one is a must and would look great contrasting with red lipstick.

SOL DE JANEIRO Brazilian Kiss Cupuaçu Lip Butter

£15.00 – 6.2g

View Here

Sol Janeiro Brazilian Kiss Lip Balm

Famous for their Brazillian Bum Bum Cream, Sol Janeiro are the experts in smoothing and softening the skin, using the richest South American ingreidents to do so. It makes therefore to pick their brand when looking after delicate and prone to chapping skin like the lips this winter. 

Beautyblender Solid BlenderCleanser

£15.00 – 28g


View HereBeauty Blender Tool Make Up Solid Cleanser

This may be a beauty tool but is still on my Wishlist this September for the shear reason that it makes applying makeup , which i do a lot more of in the winter , much much easier. Keeping your beauty Blender clean is a must in all seasons but in Winter when the skin is much more irritable it makes perfect sense to stock up now. 


Let me know if you have tried any and what your thinking about getting this month?

Love Selina x


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