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The Predator (2018) Flim Review

The Predator (2018) Flim Review

Don’t Worry NO Spoilers ahead! 

I’m not someone who goes to the cinema a lot, in fact although I am surrounded by people who frequent the cinema more than once a month, it is a rare occasion I actually attend, but when the opportunity came to see ‘The Predator’ I knew I didn’t want to miss out on the next step in Sci-Fi royalty.

The tagline for the film is ‘The Predator – The Hunt Has Evolved ‘ but unfortunately this film hasn’t evolved the franchise at all, only left it open for bad sequels to be made, that is if anyone in their right mind would invest in a project that has received such negative backlash.

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By the way the film was advertised I expected it like many other people to stay true to the brand and be favoured by loyal fans. It turned out to be not only a disappointing film but also a disappointing attack on an iconic franchise.  After ‘Alien Vs Predator’ happened I thought film makers would have collectively learnt their lesson when touching film series which are vital parts of Sci-Fi History. Who knew it could be so easy to mess up creating a film that is built on such an iconic franchise.

The beauty of the original films is the simplicity, which is often more difficult to achieve, especially now when there are so many options with special effects and considering a global audience and mass appeal.

The film was surprising inherently funny, with the audience laughing out loud every five minutes but we didn’t go to the cinema to watch a comedy, yes in reality situations are multi-faceted, they can be tense, funny, scary, devasting, upsetting, enraging but there aren’t practised jokes entwined in dramatic situations.

We as a society in 2018 do not want or need the overcomplications of film, the clichés, the obvious jokes and relived bitter sweet quotes. We do not need to be spoon fed emotive reactions ether. It is a sign of a bad film when character personalities are either stagnant or change to suit the plot. When characteristics change from scene to scene for the convenience of the plot itself, the characters become completely detached from the film and then therefore so do the audience.

Also, another failed aspect, which I haven’t heard people mention, is the lack of suitable music throughout. In fact, I can’t remember any music or specific audio features that were memorable in any way.

Overall it was an anti-climax and when the film ended everyone shuffled out of the cinema quietly (except for me because I’m quite vocal). With a budget of 80million and the technology available in 2018 it seemed impossible to imagine a film as bad as this to be thrust upon the public.

If you want to see a funny B-movie with bad CGI then this is the film for you, if you’re a die-hard fan of the Predator series, then maybe give this one a miss.

Sorry Arnie…

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