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Auditon/Interview Wellness Pack

They say the best advice comes from experience and when it comes to packing for Auditions or Interviews I have a lot of it.  I used to be an actor ( tell you all about that another time) and I would get calls from my agent all the time with TV/Flim auditions  down in London ( I live in Liverpool), I would get these calls on average around 4 O Clock ,with the audition being held the very next day. Wanting to prepare myself rpoperly for these out the blue and rushed opportuities i put together an audition kit which was always prepared raring to go and regualrly updated it with new tools to help me out.

Here is what was in my go to bag , I hope it makes your experiences as smooth and as stress free as it made mine.


Here is a link to sustainable cotton buds – Here

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