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6 Back to It Lunch Boxes

We all know the impact that plastic packing has on the world’s enviroment and as Students or just basscially humans living in 2018 the cost of a daily lunch can have on our wallets. one of the most sensible and easy things to do to help combat bith of those things is to make our own lunches at home and bonus points- it means we dont have to leave university or work to brave the rain outside. 

who said being sensible couldnt be stylish ? certainly not me. 

so to try and inspire us both into making our own packed lunches , the obligatory apple included , here are the most stylish lunch boxes to browse, to help you start saving money and …the world ! 



Kate Spade Lunch Box


We all need a bit of Kate Spade in our life and at £25 this would also make a great present.

Sophiscated,pretty but cute. 

It comes with a coated exterior and insulated interior which will keep your goodies fresh for longer. 

Beau & Elliot Champagne Edit Lunch Cooler Tote Bag




With a 2L capacity this uber chic lunch tote could easily be mistaken for a beloved hangbag, insulated to keep your food chilled for up to 4 hours.

Thats if your lunch lasts that long.

With this sitting in your kitchen how could you not take this everywhere with you?


Philip Normal Face lunch bag

£11 reduced from £16 ! 

For one of those days.

Its officially Winter, internal politics has you feeling more grown up than youd like to be. Who doesnt want a rainbow sausage and eggs to look at. 

Black + Blum Lunch Pot Leak Proof, Round Food Snack Storage Pot

£15.96 from £19.95 ! 


Comes with a Spork ?

Spoon and Fork combined sets the tone this high techno, ultra practical lunch storage pot. It may not have flowers on or silly faces but it can carry soup safely with its leaf proof technology and has a niffty handle too.




Are you short on space ? This collapsible lunch box from Cath Kidston is not only cute but can save on precious bag space, when your done with delcious treats, eg brownies or better yet carrot sticks ( only kidding), just collapse it down and forget about it.

LEON Orange Paper Lunch Cooler Bag




I dont agree on saving best to last but this is my absoltue favourite – asthetically that is.

Admittedly it may not be the most practical but i geuinely love this design. Its exclusive to John Lewis so you wont be finding it all around. The paper material is 100% recyclable  and cuts down on plastic being used in general.


Let me know which was is your favourite and if you have considered making a packed lumch ? Would having a fancy lunch bag help you form a habit?

Love Selina x





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