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Decluttering Tips 

Decluttering Tips 

Here in the UK we have one of the smallest statistics of living space per person in Europe but as the famous ‘nation of shopkeepers’ and therefore shoppers, we also have an awful lot of stuff. Over the years everyone finds themselves at some point going through boxes of ether their own or someone else’s possessions and realising that a good clear out is needed, this fact in itself can be a difficult time though. We often have attachments to inanimate objects that we cant even begin to explain, other times they are more clear cut – for instance you great grandfathers army bag or the last drops of the perfume you used to wear when you were 13. Objects provide us with visuals, textures, sounds and smells that can transport us back to a place in our own timeline or someone else’s that merged with our small living spaces can often cause problems, especially when relatives pass away.

Everyone has the right to keep things that remind them of a certain time or a person but when physical objects get in the way of living In an organised and spacious house it can become a problem.

Here are my Top Tips for Decluttering your space.

Below our my Top Tips for decluttering a space happily and successfully.

1.Be prepared. Have 5 empty large boxes ready. and label them clearly.

Keep – Charity – Rubbish – Sell – Not Sure

this will help you keep organised throughout and after the process.

They don’t need much explanation but you deserve to keep what you want, giving to charity is a great way to help people, throw away things that cant be salvaged, sell items to make yourself some shopping money and whatever you put in the box ‘Not Sure’ sort out at a later date, as the process can be overwhelming and sometimes simply put you need a break.

2.Instead of keeping everything of sentimental value take photographs of things you feel the need to remember but not hold again. Keep the photos in a photo album, it night sound silly at first but items throughout our lives and childhoods hold special places in our hearts and keeping the memory of them without keeping the physical objects is a clever space saving technique .

3.whrn giving stuff away to charity try and pick a charity close to your heart that way as your letting go of physical things your gaining the joy of helping out a good cause directly related to your life this will also help with any urges to keep things you haven’t even looked at for years.

4. Try not to feel guilty. It is already a difficult time when a loved one has passed but adding the extra pressure of getting their affairs in order can become in itself deliberating.

5. Turn something meaningful into a piece of art. For instance

A collection of brooches that your nan passed down to you mean a lot to you but you would never wear them yourself, there not your style and even if they wear you would be too afraid of losing them . Don’t let them sit in a box for years on end,gather them all together, buy a shadow box frame and display all the brooches in one frame you can hang on your wall.

Too many old plastic children’s toys? Gather them all up. Glue them down on a lamp base and then spray paint them .

Here is a great video by the channel ‘ Inscrutables ‘ on how to create one.

6. Although this is similar to 5 it deserves a bullet point of its own.

We’re talking textile sentiments here.

I’m only 22 but there have been a few items of clothing that represented a certain time fir me. The blue shaggy coat I wore every day for months throughout college.  The coral and pink thin knit I wore in the summer lazily.

Everyone has the right to keep things that remind them of a certain time or a person but when physical objects get in the way of living In an organised and spacious house it can become a problem.

7. Keep in mind the reality of what sentimental means .  It is better to keep a cheap item that means the world to you than keep an expensive item that represents nothing

When I was a baby my nan bought me an expensive doll which came with two outfits.

When I was older but still small ,the same nan bought me a cheap pack of plush toys, three neon coloured dogs with beady eyes.

As a teenager I was sorting out boxes with my mum, making space for the new things you require as you grow. We would pick things up in our hands and often say at the same time our opinion on whether they should be given to charity or be kept. Go or stay.

My mum thought the expensive doll should stay and was surprised when I thought it would go. She was also surprised when I thought the tatty cheap neon dogs should stay.

The point is that although  the expensive doll was lovely I couldn’t remember my nan giving it to me, when I looked at it the doll in my eyes could have been owned by anyone, yet the neon dogs reminded me so much of my nan and I always remembered the moment she gave them to me and the joy I felt.

Therefor the doll wasn’t sentimental and I kept the plush dogs and sold the doll, so someone else could enjoy it.

If you found any of these tips useful or you have any of your own , please comment and let me know 🙂 xxx







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