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The Thought Process Of Starting A Blog

The Thought Process Of Starting A Blog

When I first looked into starting a personal blog I found myself asking questions like,
why would anyone want to read what I have to say ? and is my life even interesting enough to write about .
I quickly realised after hours of research that these questions however personally felt were not unique at all and that bloggers ,with more followers than the inhabitants  of small cities and large villages , still keep those questions close to their heart ,no matter how much fan mail they receive .The idea of running a successful blog appeals to people in ways which are far more complicated than on the surface .
It is not the freebies or invites and not even the appeal of working out of the 9 till 5 ,which although draws people in is not the most radical perk in my opinion that truly speaks to people.
There are thousands of blogs across the UK, a large proportion of them being entirely specific blogs with subjects that vary from embroidery, star trek to dog care, all of these run by people with separate lifestyles of their own. The embroidery blogger doesn’t write about the restaurant they visited last night, in the same way that the dog care blogger doesn’t blog about picking out the best curtains for their room. When blogs are specific the appeal and value of them seem much more obvious and concentrated. There is a strong community presence and more opportunity for the original to be praised and last but not least with specific blogs there is a undying commitment to a passion. What most fascinates me (as I feel the urge myself) is why some are drawn to creating lifestyle blogs. It is these blogs that have the special ability to appeal to all different personalities and whether the blogs are successful or not the same visions are shared by whoever starts one and that is to be admired for simply being themselves.

It is an odd subject to talk and debate about as I am in theory discussing the worth of my own motives but as a feel a compelling need to write about this then I should and I will.

Having a successful Lifestyle/personal blog is in a way the modern day dream and if really dialogised would be a luxury in comparison to running a specific blog where content couldn’t be created by simply buying a present for your mother or trying a new café – all the things that people do on a regular basis. Perhaps it is these facts that have elevated the mechanics of running a lifestyle blog into a growing industry within itself.

To be successful at presenting your day to day activities, to be praised for your opinions on the best high street buys and having an audience of thousands waiting to hear what you thought of the newest trendy wine – expert or not, is truly the closest thing to solid proof of your life being approved and I believe it could be the most exaggerated confidence booster our generation is seeking.


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  1. March 3, 2017 / 5:53 pm

    I think every life is interesting enough to write about it, after all it does not matter the facts but what we think about the facts. A simple morning routine could be a motive to start a philosophical debate on how fleeting life is.
    As for why some are drawn to creating lifestyle blogs, there are just as many answers as many bloggers are. I am thinking lately to write a post with my own motives and I provoke you to do the same. 🙂

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